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Is This The Best Robot Vacuum Today: Viomi V3 Max

Smart phone, smart car and smart home – the technology revolution 4.0 has occupied so dramatically that robots are commonly seen in the form of smart vacuums. Not only because of the wide connection with MiHome App, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, but also they are multifunction of sweeping, mopping & vacuuming. Here are three biggest reasons why Viomi V3 Max – the latest version just being on Amazon this August – is considered the Best Robot Vacuum today.

More Time For Life, Less Time For Cleaning

With 3 cleaning modes like sweep only, mop only and sweep-mop, Viomi V3 Max can thoroughly remove dust, dirt, water stains, crumbs, pet hair and footprints on diversified floors.

Empowered by the Viomi exclusive deep cleaning algorithm, the robot vacuum cleaner can mimic the manual way of mopping with 97.5% of cleaning coverage. Plus, stubborn stains can be handled with the upgraded soft & hard fiber stripped mops just as good as your cleaning agent.

Besides the premier vacuuming & mopping experience, dust emptying will be another highlight. V3 Max’s dust bin door will flip over to empty the dirt with only a single click of a button. It is even big enough to get taken out within 3-5 days.

With a 2-in-1 400ml Dust and 200ml Water Tank design, V3 Max can sweep and mop simultaneously. Especially, it has an optional super-sized water tank (700ml), enough to clean a 65sqm (700sqft) apartment more than 3-times or a 200sqm (2600sqft) home in one go. A brand-new ultra-precise peristaltic pump, as used in hospital IV drips, tested for over 1500 hours of use. After mopping, the wood floor will dry instantly and your child will not slip.

How time-saving and convenient of cleaning just by filling up the tank and setting a schedule!

SmarterLaser Navigation

With Lidar Navigation, the robot vacuum cleaner perceives various complex environments and times, learns the layout of your home, builds and saves smart maps, empowering higher-accuracy & faster mapping.  Compared to conventional visual navigation tech, V3 Max swiftly adapts to a various of complex environments not only when it is bright but also in the dark. It also comes with 24 types of intelligent sensors, including infrared-sensor and drop-sensing tech to avoid obstacles and prevent falls.

The brand-new Map 2.0 program can store the maps of 5 floors, meeting the cleaning needs of larger houses. You can also divide, merge or name the zones on the map, and assign separate cleaning areas at will. For example, when the child is playing with toys or anywhere you do not want to vacuum, you could just set a virtual wall or no-go zone.

Powered by A35 quad-core processor with robust computing performance, coupled with the SLAM algorithm, it can quickly process sensor information and adjust the path in real-time, achieving precise cleaning without collision or getting stuck.



Complete Control Makes Quite A Comfort

Noise is no longer the headache concern. The robot vacuum works on no matter hard or soft floors with powerful suction at a volume (57db) no louder than an operating microwave. You can let V3 Max clean even when your baby is sleeping.

With a single click of a button, the dust bin door will flip over and empty the dirt, keeping your hands clean from fast and touch-free dumping.

Being a Xiaomi ecosystem company, Viomi’s products can be fully controlled by MiHome App (Mijia). Schedule your cleaning anytime anywhere via customized settings at your will, like Cleaning in Orders, Pointed Cleaning, Virtual Walls, No-Go zone, Make an appointment for cleaning and design. Moreover, the status of consumables will keep you updated for in time replacement and maintenance. Voice commands are available with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, keeping you uninterrupted.

Better Just Got Best

The smart Carpet Boost tech allows the suction power to be automatically boosted to 2700Pa, twice powerful as a regular hand vacuum, pulling dirt from carpets and cracks in the floor. It is even more persuasive in sucking dog hair right out of the low-pile carpet & floor.

With a 5200mAh battery capacity, Viomi V3 Max can clean 3000 square feet area in one cleaning session (300 Min runtime under ‘Quiet Mode’). If it is running on a low battery, it will automatically dock for charging & resume to where it left after getting refilled.

With 2cm Obstacles Climbing Capability, it can easily climb over the thresholds, carpets and other obstacles. Practically, V3 Max will not get tripped up your kitchen and bedroom step.

At the early bird special rate – 359.99$ on Amazon until Sept.26, it is undoubtful that Viomi V3 Max Robot Vacuum is the best choice with such amazing functions and its cleaning performances. If you belong to the technology 4.0 generation, do not hesitate to equip your home with a vacuum.

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