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Best Combo For Oral Hygiene From Oclean: W10 Water Flosser & Flow Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Do you really need to floss?

Water flosser is an optimized oral care addition to your daily routine to deep clean inter-dental areas and that along the gum line where with insufficient cleaning might causes serious dental disease. And water flosser is the perfect option to solve the problems

Principle of water flosser

A water flosser is like a high-pressure water jet that can clean all parts of a car, and the water flosser adopts this principle to clean teeth. And it can also be used to improve the cleaning effect by adding different functions, pressure adjustment, frequency changes, etc.

Benefits of water flosser using

The water flosser delivers powerful water jet to not only clean the teeth, but also massage the gums with its water flow, which promotes blood circulation in the gums and strengthens the local tissue resistance, and also eliminates bad breath caused by poor oral hygiene. The water flosser is more effective than other devices in treating plaque and gingivitis, and if used daily it can prevent dental disease, and compared to flossing, the water flosser is more teeth and periodontium friendly and causes nearly zero damage to the gums.

About Oclean 

Oclean, which stands for Oral and Clean, is the pioneer of advocating and promoting the concept of Smart Oral & Dental Care in the Industry. It provides Quality, Scientific, and Stylish Oral & Dental Care Products and Digital Management Clean Solution Worldwide through Technology and Innovation.

In 2017, Oclean Launched Premier Maglev Brushless Motor Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush Oclean One, which provides customized dental care suggestions and Instant Toothbrushing Feedback through APP.

In 2019, Oclean released Color Touchscreen Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush Oclean X, allowing users to personalize brushing intensity and plan with brushing data, hard-to-reach areas detected issues, and brushing time.

In 2020, Oclean Announced W1 Oral Irrigator with Patent Aerodynamic Technology Providing Even Comprehensive and Professional Oral & Dental Care.

In 2021, Oclean Announces W10 Water Flosser & Flow Electric Toothbrush and more to explore.

Oclean Website:

Big plus from official website

1) Return and exchange policy: 30 days

2) Warranty time: 2 years

3) Duty-free

4) Customer service processing time limit: 24 hours in working days

Oclean W10: Stylish water flosser that caters to all scenarios

Oclean W10 Water Flosser is designed specifically for multiple scenarios. The minimalism concept and the hand strap design make it convenie

nt to use at the home, office, or on a trip. As dental care is increasingly taking into consideration, a versatile water flosser that fits in all different occasions is what all urban millennials need.

With 1400 pulses per min, Oclean W10 delivers 0.66mm waterjet to efficiently and precisely clean food debris between teeth. This is one of the most considerable features of how flosser remove harmful bacteria, plaque, food debris, and for massaging gums. Combining with tank capacity, long lasting waterjet can easily reach the area that toothbrushes cannot. Noticeably, detachable and see-through water tank design not only help us clean easily but also remind about the water level apparently

Besides, Oclean W10 is particularly advantageous for braces users. It features 5 distinctive floss modes & 4 high-performance nozzles, especially Orthodontics Nozzle is designed to tackle any brace-associated problems. Exclusively, the Direct Mode is equipped with levels of intensity suited to users with sensitive gums, coupled with periodontal nozzles, allows gentle cleaning of the periodontal bags.

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Oclean Flow: entry-level electric toothbrush with a battery that lasts 180 days

While launching the Oclean W10 water flosser, Oclean is also releasing an upgraded electric toothbrush Olcean Flow with a battery life that can last 180 days, which means users will only need to charge it twice a year. It is considered travel favourite tootbrush because of adaptable USB Type-C Connectorto prevent inability to charging anywhere, anytime. Comparing with the same price range, Flow has a higher cleaning power by applying Sonic Technology with 38,000 strokes per minutes, equally three times faster than manual toothbrush

5 high-performance (Morning, Night, Standard Cleaning, Whitening, Gentle) with significant variations in vibration between different modes tackle any threatening dental problems. Cleaning habit is getting more interesting by customizing needs or routine based on brushing intensities. A 2-min smart timer safeguards the teeth and gum to ensure the most precise care and avoid any possible damage.

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