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9 Hobbies That Are Both Cheap and Fun For Students

The strain that college puts on a student’s wallet can feel like the weight of the world. Learning to manage the changing world while also handling school work and keeping an eye on your wallet is enough to send any student over the edge. However, there are other hobbies that can be taken up to keep a student-focused and thriving – and best yet, they won’t break the bank either.

Here is a list of hobbies and activities that will provide entertainment and distraction for any stressed college student.

Lend A Helping Hand

One of the most rewarding hobbies that a college student can take on is to volunteer. The number of organizations out there that could use a helping hand with everything from the elderly to politics out there is enormous. A great way to provide support to others while also giving yourself a distraction from the trails and tribulations of college life is to volunteer your time.

Repurposing and DIY

What better way to spend your time than finding a creative project to entertain yourself with. That old piece of furniture that’s been sitting in your parent’s attic forever? A bit of paint and some sanding and it could look like a brand new item for your apartment! There are plenty of projects out there for those who are great with crafting.

Park Sports

Head down to the park with a frisbee and make some new friends. Why not enjoy a bit of sunshine in the park while throwing a ball around? Taking up a sport at the park allows you to get out of any cramped space while also entertaining your mind.

Garden Tasks

Don’t have an outdoor space that you can plant seeds in? That’s okay! With all of the seedling ideas that are out there today, you can grow an herb garden right inside of your own small kitchenette. Nothing tastes better than that fresh basil that you’ve grown in your own garden for your homemade margarita pizza.


Need a hobby that gives you a reason to hang out with friends, or even one that saves you a couple of dollars every week? Cooking could be the place that you find yourself. Learning new recipes and throwing ingredients together may just result in the best meal you’ve ever had. Not to mention, it could be the reason for plenty of friendly gatherings where you get to show off your skills.

Dance Like No One Is Watching

Through the years one tried and true way to reduce stress has proven to be through dance. Why not turn that music up and let loose for awhile? You can be as precise with it or as crazy as you want. Dancing is also a great way to get the blood flowing in your veins and drop those calories too.


Another great hobby to pick up that is also a stress relief to many creative is to draw. Expressing yourself on paper with doodles and photos is a wonderful way to build your skills and give you a hobby that could turn into something you love. The best part is drawing can be done with a simple cheap sketchpad and those pencils that you never use in class.

Pick Up A Book

For a hobby that could take you out of your surroundings for a while, there are always books. Countless adventures are waiting for you within the pages of books, magazines and graphic novels. Picking up a book not only occupies some of your time, but it also improves your focus and gives you something to look forward to.

Grab A Pen

From journaling your thoughts to penning fiction, when you begin writing the options to be creative come endlessly. Writing is a cheap hobby that could provide you with hours of entertainment or even a cathartic alternative to your busy life. For many busy people, taking the time to write helps to make thoughts clearer and more focused.

Going to college is not an easy task for anyone, but picking up a hobby on the side that is both inexpensive and fulfilling could help with the tension and stress that comes along with perusing an academic career. Find a hobby that will help you pass the time and give you a break from any of the stress that may be impacting your life.